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Beek's Reek-Out, a proprietary antimicrobial product engineered to eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria, including MRSA, Staph, and Covid-19. Created to safeguard against pathogens and promote a healthy environment, Reek-Out is ideal for work or sports-related activities, offering versatile protection for personal use and environmental sanitation.

This non-toxic, eco-friendly formula targets odor-causing molecules, altering their chemical composition to effectively eradicate sweat odors and various malodors. From locker rooms and weight rooms to gym bags and both hard and soft surfaces, Reek-Out excels in eliminating mold, mildew, pet odors, smoke, bathroom smells, organic decay, urine, and skunk odors. It is also highly effective on sports and work-related equipment, including jerseys, clothing, weight room equipment, uniforms, shoes, lockers, boots, sneakers, skates, pads, gloves, and helmets. 

Formulated to be skin-safe, Reek-Out activates upon contact with sweat or water, continuously providing healthy odor control benefits. Trusted by reputable organizations such as the NHL, NFL, NBA, police departments, military tactical units, schools, and prisons, as well as by individuals seeking mold and mildew removal for home use, Reek-Out offers a comprehensive solution for eliminating embarrassing odors.

Available in both scented and unscented options, Beek's Reek-Out is your ultimate solution for odor elimination and environmental sanitation.


Proudly Made in the USA and ECO-Friendly

Reek-Out® 6oz Spray Best Odor Eliminator for Freshness and Lasting Scent Control

SKU: RO-1300-1
  • For those aiming for the pinnacle of freshness, pairing Reek-Out® Pro with Game-Out® Pro Laundry Detergent is a game-changer. To maximize the product's benefits:

    For new items: Treat them before use.

    For used items: Apply post-use, especially when they are wet with perspiration, as moisture enhances its penetration into materials.

    Spraying: Target all absorbent areas without over-saturating.

    Drying time: Give the product sufficient time to work its magic.

    Reapplication: Might be necessary for heavily used items or when odors return.

    Note: It's crucial not to dilute the product.

    Made proudly in the USA and boasting an eco-friendly profile, Beek's Reek-Out® Pro sets a new paradigm in odor elimination. Whether you're a professional athlete, a pet owner, or someone who simply wants to live in a fresher environment, this product promises to be a trusted ally in your quest for cleanliness and hygiene. It's not just an odor eliminator – it's the best odor eliminator.

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