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Wick’N Soft, a groundbreaking fabric conditioner/finisher designed for both new and older fabrics. Unlike any other product on the market, Wick’N Soft utilizes hydrophilic technology to manage moisture, rejuvenating older fabrics and enhancing the performance of new ones. By effectively moving moisture away from the skin and restoring wicking properties, our proprietary formula ensures garments maintain their original functionality.

Wick’N Soft stands out by reducing drying times by up to 30%, thanks to its hydrophilic nature. Unlike traditional softeners that are hydrophobic, Wick’N Soft actively releases moisture, saving energy, utility costs, and valuable time spent waiting for loads to dry. Additionally, it minimizes lint generation, prolonging the lifespan of laundry items and enhancing dryer safety by preventing fires in lint screens and exhaust vents.

With built-in anti-static properties, Wick’N Soft eliminates the need for dryer sheets, making laundry care hassle-free. Plus, it offers an irresistible scent option and is also available unscented, making it perfect for towels, bedding, and clothing. Wick’N Soft – the ultimate solution for fabric care and maintenance.


Proudly Made in the USA and is ECO-Friendly

Wick'N Soft

SKU: GO-2201
  • 1. Contains one (1) 1 gallon bottle  of  Wick'N Soft (Fabric Softener)

    2. Wick'N Soft is a fabric finisher that softens garments and  restores wicking properties & breathability for your jerseys and athletic gear  

    3. Is a hydrophilic high-tech fabric finisher used by the NFL, NHL, MLB and NCAA. 

    4. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    5. Leaves garments smelling clean and fresh

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